Dangerous Vision: Practical Advice for Those Living With Low Vision

Randy CohenMy name is Randolph B. (Randy) Cohen. I teach finance and entrepreneurship at Harvard Business School, and I am a partner in ExSight Ventures, a small money management firm that invests solely in technologies and therapies related to vision and blindness. I created this site to share my experiences with vision loss. One of my hopes for the site is that I and others can share practical advice with folks who, like me, are living with low vision. I have received many valuable tips over the years from others with vision problems, and I’ve figured out a few things on my own, and I’d like to use this forum to share such ideas more widely. Many of the most helpful pieces of advice I have relate to products, high and low-tech both, that I use to be more efficient at getting around and getting things done. Ready Randy's whole piece on the Insight Blog Read more from Dangerous Vision.
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