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I’m in college now studying to be a mental health worker. I really do want to give back to other people and if I can prevent somebody from going through what I had to go through when I was younger, that would be great.

- Michelle


"I’ve learned how to do things that I never knew how to do before. I try hard to stay focused and give 100% effort because I have goals for myself, to go to college or to get a job. I want to try new things."

- Josh


Volunteering is a very, very important part of my life. Since I retired it makes me feel purposeful, like I am part of something meaningful. There are pairs of people working together for years and in some cases decades. The volunteers are part of a support system that make it possible for blind people to be contributing workers and community members who just happen to be blind.

- Lucy


I work at MAB because it has afforded me the opportunity to work with individuals who have special abilities. The things I take for granted every day become milestones of achievement for some of the bravest people I know. We all want to make a difference with the life we are given. Working here has given me the opportunity to make a difference every day.

- Greg


There is so much paperwork in this world and so many deadlines to meet…financial aid forms, tax returns, health insurance. I’m a single parent and a working professional. My volunteer enables me to live as any other adult lives, without compromising my privacy, without revealing to friends and family the content of my bank account or how much is in my paycheck.

- Liz

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