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I have such a wonderful volunteer. She has helped me to do some stuff I haven’t been able to do in forever, like going to DSW and finding a comfortable pair of shoes, and picking out good greeting cards at CVS. I’m really thrilled.

- Adele


As a first-time guide runner, it was really fun to be able to be a part of the community of Team With a Vision. I’ve run the Boston Marathon 6 times before, and saw it in a whole new light this

- Chad


Since 1972 I have been teaching at the college level and pursuing my research interests. My volunteer makes it possible for me to read primary texts in the original Russian – the book we are working on may be my foremost contribution to the field. Yet she insists she gets as much from the experience as I do.

- Nick


Qualifying for Boston was one of the highlights of my running career because it meant I got to run in one of the most prestigious marathons in the world. It was a dream come true, but my experience with Team With a Vision trumped the marathon.

- David


My volunteer started helping me when she was 28 and she’s 45 now. I went to her wedding, her husband’s funeral; she comes now every December and we write all our Christmas cards together. We have a 17 year relationship. I’ve been truly blessed by the relationships I’ve developed through the volunteer program because a lot of the folks who volunteered for me are still in my life as friends.

- Dean

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