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Partnerships Provide Adaptive Sports Opportunities for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

MAB partners with organizations such as Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital and AccesSport America to provide adaptive sporting opportunities for its Adult Disability Services (ADS) clients. Recently client Zach got to try adaptive windsurfing!

"The ASA staff are really great in general, and particularly great with Zach," said MABWorks Vocational Counselor Patrick Giblin. "They coordinated to set up windsurfing for Zach and were very excited for him to participate in windsurfing."

The "board" was actually two smaller "boards" with a larger-than-usual standing platform in order to accommodate two sails (one for instructor in front, one for Zach in back). A standing bar was installed so that Zach could support himself with the bar while also manipulating the sail. "Zach was euphoric and it was great to see him surfing," Patrick said.

Additionally Zach has other opportunities in the community to focus on physical therapy in different, interesting ways. He attends a YMCA water aerobics class that allows him to work on strengthening muscles using floatable foam dumbbells and noodles for support. He also works with a Spaulding Occupational Therapist to address his individual needs. Spaulding OTs are great at working with MAB staff members to tailor programs for clients.


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